Monday, February 28, 2011

Hyde and Geek Musings

When I started Hyde and Geek some years ago, it was intended as a break from what I'd done before. My previous online presence, through websites and blogs, was always devoted to a single theme or genre each time. My first website was about comic books, my second was Godzilla, and my third was horror movie reviews. Over time, I decided that I wanted something that would allow me to stretch my geeky little fingers into everything that I was interested in and not be confined by a single theme. Thus, Hyde and Geek was born.

As I look back over all the posts on this site, I see that I have posted news and random goodness and that reflects my interests in a much better way than what I've done in the past... but it's still very limited. I have recently been considering posting some of my writings here as opposed to simply posting geek news, videos, and the like. These writings will most likely be random bits of personal commentary along with some fiction and whatever else that I care to share. (For the interested, I've started sharing random photos and videos on my Tumblr to keep them from bleeding into this main blog.)

I haven't decided when, what, or if I'll start posting these writings but I wanted to give my readers here a heads-up in case some random posts show up that aren't necessarily geek news. It's still me folks. It's just a different side of me. I prefer to think of it as the Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Geek.


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