Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another New Muppets Poster Revealed!

As anyone who's read my blog or tweets know, I'm a huge fan of the muppets and have been super excited about the new The Muppets film from Jason Segel and company. The movie comes out this November and looks to be channeling all the insanity and love that I expect from Jim Henson's iconic creations.

Before I gush more, The Muppet Mindset today shows us some another theatrical poster and theater standee. These show more of stars Jason Segel and Amy Adams than the previous set of posters that were released.

After basking in the muppety goodness, you can head over to The Muppet Mindset for a list of all the muppets shown if you can't pick them out on your own.

(the poster - click for a larger version)

Captain America's Avengers Uniform

I found this image online of what someone says is Captain America's uniform from the upcoming Avengers film. It sure does look like what we've seen on the Avengers character posters. I like that it's a combination of the classic Cap suit with what he was wearing in the Captain America flick.

George Lucas Loses the Rights to Stormtroopers

Artist and prop designer Andrew Ainsworth is the guy how created the original stormtrooper unforms for the original Star Wars. For the better part of the last decade, Ainsworth has been selling replica stormtrooper helmets and armor. Naturally, George Lucas didn't like this and filed a lawsuit. In 2009, Lucas lost the suit at the UK High Court level and went on to appeal to the UK Supreme Court. Today, the courts came back with the answer that Lucas can't stop Ainsworth from making his stormtroopers.

A New Spider-Man?

The Ultimate Marvel universe was shaken up last month with the death of Peter Parker in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160. But it seems that, despite who's wearing the costume, Marvel just can't keep Spidey down. Ultimate Fallout #4 reveals someone else wearing a slightly altered Spidey suit (are those kneepads?). Who is it? As of now Marvel's not telling but, regardless of the universe, no one can replace Peter Parker. Did we learn nothing from Ben Reilly?

Check out the cover below...

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Avengers Assembled!

Yesterday, you saw the seven character posters for The Avengers, due in 2012 from Marvel Films. After, I'm sure you were still wondering what these guys would look like assembled as a team? Well, wonder no longer, true believers! The seven posters can be combined to create one awesome panoramic shot of the entire Avengers team. Now... who wouldn't kill to have this piece commandeering a wall in your home?
Click the image to view a larger version.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Exclusive Star Wars Xbox 360 Revealed at SDCC

As a Star Wars fan, I was uber-excited when I saw a image of an Xbox 360 painted to look like R2D2 and C-3PO online a few days ago. I figured it was a fan mod, but then an announcement appears on my Xbox dashboard and I nearly flipped! This special edition Xbox 360 will be bundled with the upcoming Star Wars Kinect game. In addition to the awesome design, it also includes the first white Kinect unit. The icing on the cake... it makes R2 sounds when powering up and opening the disc tray!

Check out the official announcement video after the jump if you want to see more details like the sounds, a great closeup of the C-3PO controller, and a few clips of the Star Wars Kinect game.

The Knights of Badassdom Trailer Doth Appear!

Verily! The geeks at SDCC did rejoice as the trailer for the upcoming The Knights of Badassdom did appear before them! But lo! The geek gods have also seen fit to release the trailer to us devotees watching the SDCC from afar! The movie follows a group of LARPers who accidentally open the gates of Hell. It stars Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Summer Glau (Firefly), and Dani Pudi (Community). With a cast like that, let the smiting begin! Huzzah!

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Avengers Character Posters Released at SDCC

Update: Want to see the Avengers as a team? Check out the combined posters here.

Marvel Comics' film version of The Avengers has really been amping up the excitement the past few months. Both Thor and Captain America have post-credits button teasers for the new film. Now Marvel has released seven beautiful character posters for the film at SDCC. The posters feature the main Avengers characters in all their glory! What do you think?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Check Out the New Muppets Posters

The last poster for this November's The Muppets didn't impress me much. The muppets look weird standing up. (Check out that poster here to see what I mean.) That problem has been rectified with the release of two new posters that have more muppets and a much better layout. Check 'em out!