Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another New Muppets Poster Revealed!

As anyone who's read my blog or tweets know, I'm a huge fan of the muppets and have been super excited about the new The Muppets film from Jason Segel and company. The movie comes out this November and looks to be channeling all the insanity and love that I expect from Jim Henson's iconic creations.

Before I gush more, The Muppet Mindset today shows us some another theatrical poster and theater standee. These show more of stars Jason Segel and Amy Adams than the previous set of posters that were released.

After basking in the muppety goodness, you can head over to The Muppet Mindset for a list of all the muppets shown if you can't pick them out on your own.

(the poster - click for a larger version)

(the standee - also click for a larger version)

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Source: The Muppet Mindset


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