Sunday, August 5, 2012

Calling All Geeks! (The 2012 Edition)

For the last two years, I've hosted a fun (and often funny) experiment that I call the Hyde and Geek/Kids Need to Read 36 Hour Tweetathon. The idea is that I will sit in front of my computer and tweet every ten minutes for 36 hours straight with no sleep and, after a while, very little sanity. All of this is done to help raise money for charity. In this case, the charity is Kids Need to Read, an organization dedicated to getting books into the hands of kids. For the past two events, I have (barely) managed to stay awake through the entirety of the event with a little help from energy drinks and a lot of  support from the good people on Twitter. In addition to keeping me awake, those same Twitter friends and followers have so far donated nearly $3500 for charity over the course of a now cumulative 72 hours!

Now, while it's a little later in the year than I would've liked due to a very busy schedule, the gears are beginning to turn on the 2013 edition of the Kids Need to Read 36 Hour Tweetathon!

Last year, a lot of geek related businesses helped me to raise funds by giving away prizes like gift certificates to ThinkGeek, soaps from Luxury Lane and Geek Soap, tickets to Geek Girl Con, books from Crossed Genres, and many many more!

That's where you come in.

I'm looking to geeky businesses of all stripes who would like to help out a great cause and get exposure for their business at the same time. What I'm looking for are prize donations of any sort that I can give away to those who donate to the Tweetathon. This can be anything from gift baskets, samples of your wares, gift cards, random junk you have lying around your office, or just about anything else you can think of that somebody out there might want. In return, you'll get the name of your business plastered all over the charity page once I set that up, this blog as I post about the event, your name and business promoted throughout the Tweetathon, my eternal and undying gratitude, and most importantly... you'll be helping an awesome cause.

I'm also looking for anyone who has a blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, or any other online soapbox who would be willing to help me promote this thing so that we can blow it out of the water again!

If any of the above sounds like you, send an e-mail to Scott (that's me) at or DM me at @hydeandgeek on Twitter.