Monday, February 28, 2011

Hyde and Geek Musings

When I started Hyde and Geek some years ago, it was intended as a break from what I'd done before. My previous online presence, through websites and blogs, was always devoted to a single theme or genre each time. My first website was about comic books, my second was Godzilla, and my third was horror movie reviews. Over time, I decided that I wanted something that would allow me to stretch my geeky little fingers into everything that I was interested in and not be confined by a single theme. Thus, Hyde and Geek was born.

As I look back over all the posts on this site, I see that I have posted news and random goodness and that reflects my interests in a much better way than what I've done in the past... but it's still very limited. I have recently been considering posting some of my writings here as opposed to simply posting geek news, videos, and the like. These writings will most likely be random bits of personal commentary along with some fiction and whatever else that I care to share. (For the interested, I've started sharing random photos and videos on my Tumblr to keep them from bleeding into this main blog.)

I haven't decided when, what, or if I'll start posting these writings but I wanted to give my readers here a heads-up in case some random posts show up that aren't necessarily geek news. It's still me folks. It's just a different side of me. I prefer to think of it as the Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Geek.

Trailer for Cartoon Network's Thundercats Reboot

Image From New ThunderCats Series

I've had (and still have) mixed feelings about Cartoon Network's upcoming anime-inspired Thundercats reboot. Lion-o just seems too young and small to me. However, this recently aired teaser trailer has actually gotten me excited. I'm still not sold 100% but damn! It does look good!

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Smallville's Jimmy Olsen Gets Transfered to Warehouse 13

When Syfy's Warehouse 13 returns this summer, Pete will have a new partner. Smallville's Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy Olsen) has reportedly signed on to play "Steve Jinks, ATF agent with the ability to tell when someone is lying" according to Inside TV's James Hibbard.

Do you think Ashmore will be a good fit for Mrs. Frederic's warehouse team?

Source: i09

Monday, February 14, 2011

Spider-Man Film Gets a Title and a New Pic

The upcoming Spider-Man reboot was given the final title of The Amazing Spider-Man today. Marvel also released the first official image of Spidey in his full costume and it does indeed look very cool and brooding.

I'm just happy that it wasn't called Spider-Man 3D.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Check out the First Trailer for X-Men: First Class

I used to read X-Men religiously back in the Claremont days of the '80s. Yeah. I'm showing my age there. That said, I haven't been a huge fan of the X-Men movie franchise. They each had their good moments (the appearance of Nightcrawler being my personal favorite) but were all too uneven for my tastes.

Yesterday, the first trailer was released for X-Men: First Class. The new film is a prequel that details the early days of young mutants Charles Xavier (Prof. X) and Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) during their college years in the turbulent 1960s. Personally, I like the look of this one. The classic yellow and blue costumes look amazing! Also, the fact that they chose to leave out the much-overused Wolverine is a huge plus.

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Calling All Geeks!

Last Summer I did an experiment that I called the Hyde and Geek/Kids Need to Read 36 Hour Tweetathon. The idea was that I'd sit in front of my computer and tweet every ten minutes to help raise money for charity. In this case, the charity was Kids Need to Read, an organization dedicated to getting books in the hands of kids. I managed to stay awake through the event  (thanks to a ton of Red Bull), had a ton of fun, and my awesome Twitter friends and followers rose to the challenge and raised nearly $2000 for charity!

Last season's Tweetathon was such a success that I've decided to do it again! In fact, I'm considering making it an annual event. But to the point of this post...

Last year, my good Twitter-pal, Brian Truitt of USA Weekend helped me out by giving away a copy of The Losers on DVD to one random Twitter-ite who helped to promote the Tweetathon through some retweets. So, as I began planning this year's event, I thought to myself "What if other geeks and friends would like to help out by giving prizes?"

That's where you come in.

I'm looking to geeky businesses of all stripes who would like to help out a great cause and get exposure for their business at the same time. What I'm looking for are prize donations of any sort that I can give away during and after the Tweetathon. This can be anything from gift baskets, samples of your wares, gift cards, random junk you have lying around your office, or just about anything else you can think of that somebody out there might want. In return, you'll get the name of your business plastered all over the charity page once I set that up, this blog as I post about the event, your name and business promoted throughout the Tweetathon, and my eternal and undying gratitude.

I'm also looking for anyone who has a blog, a website, Facebook, Twitter, or any other online soapbox who would be willing to help me promote this thing so that we can blow it out of the water again!

If any of the above sounds like you, send an e-mail to Scott (that's me) at or DM me at @hydeandgeek on Twitter.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cute Vader Attacks in This Volkswagen Superbowl Commercial

Aside from my NHL phase years ago, I've never cared much for sports. However, I do sit with the family and watch the Superbowl each and every year. I mean, c'mon! I get free chicken wings while getting to watch the latest movie trailers and hilarious commercials. Plus, the actual game provides me ample time to take food and potty breaks. It's perfect!

Here's one of the commercials from the upcoming Superbowl XLV and it, as is expected, awesome!

Bonus: It's Star Wars! Enjoy!