Sunday, July 24, 2011

Avengers Character Posters Released at SDCC

Update: Want to see the Avengers as a team? Check out the combined posters here.

Marvel Comics' film version of The Avengers has really been amping up the excitement the past few months. Both Thor and Captain America have post-credits button teasers for the new film. Now Marvel has released seven beautiful character posters for the film at SDCC. The posters feature the main Avengers characters in all their glory! What do you think?

Also in theaters now is the first teaser poster featuring the Avengers logo. It's not as sweet as the character art above but I still geek out when I see it.


Special Thanks:
@thatsjuststeve for pointing out that the other posters since I only saw Thor and Fury first.


  1. Who's that supposed to be in the background of the Hulk poster? Doesn't look like Mark Ruffalo or William Hurt.

  2. At first I thought it was Mark Ruffalo but, now that you've asked, I'm not so sure. Anybody?

  3. I will probably not be seeing this flick. There is NO WAY this movie will EVER live up to the hype that's been made about it for years now!