Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wil Wheaton's Roots (t-shirt)

The first J!NX t-shirt design by Wil Wheaton was fun but his second is pure brilliance!

I began playing Dungeons & Dragons in the 5th grade. For the first 20 years of my current 25 year run as an RPG player (well... mostly GM), I played the good old fashioned way. I spent countless weekends visiting far-away fantasy worlds with just a couple of rule books, some graph paper, a pen, a bag of dice and a few good friends.

These days, we've got pre-printed map tiles and miniatures and a ton more pre-made adventures but nothing... NOTHING will ever top those days. I remember vividly one adventure where I did get to sit in on the player side of things and our DM had our adventurers face off against the Predator. Let me say that again. We faced the frakkin' Predator. The alien bounty hunter... in a D&D setting. Sure. It didn't make any kind of story-sense at all and our entire party got slaughtered, but it was one of the best nights of gaming I've have ever had. I think I'm going to go dig out my original D&D rule books and give them a read.

Thanks, Wil, for designing a shirt that so perfectly evokes those memories for me. It is made of pure win.


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