Friday, June 4, 2010

Want a HUD for Your Web Access? It's on it's Way!

I was tweeting yesterday about how cool it would be for someone to make a pair of sunglasses with 4G access and a HUD (that's a heads-up-display for you who don't like games or sci-fi) display that would allow me to read my e-mail and tweets on the fly.

How shocked was I to find out that two of my Twitter pals (@K1ngB00 and @ValVictory) work for a company called Microvision that is working on exactly that technology!

Not only can you check messages via these uber-cool glasses. You can also get GPS, watch movies and even play video games!

If you think this stuff is as awesome as I do, you can click here to check out their site and read up!

It's like the Sixth World of Shadowrun is upon us!

And, before you ask, after Warren Ellis and Mark Waid, I've been given third dibs on a pair once they hit the street. Go get yer own!


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