Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Help Resurrect Ecto Cooler

As a kid in the '80s, it was my goal to be a Ghostbuster when I grew up. I rushed home every day after school, tossed my bookback in a pile and rushed to plop my rear on a beanbag to watch The Real Ghostbusters cartoon. After the cartoon was over, I headed to Ghosbusters HQ (a shed in my yard with a hand painted Ghostbusters logo nailed above the door) to hang with friends, stop ghosts and sip Hi-C's Ecto Cooler.

Ecto Cooler was this awesome orange/tangerine drink made by Hi-C with that loveable little spud Slimer on the box. And, best of all to me as a kid, it was green!

Well. Time has moved on. I didn't grow up to be a Ghostbuster. Instead, I'm a father, blogger and geek which I've come to realize is just as cool...except I don't get to lug around an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on my back. Now I want to share those childhood loves with my kids. I have access to my DVDs of the original 2 Ghostbusters films and the original run of the Ghostbusters cartoon. But, sadly, there is no longer a way to get Ecto Cooler. Coca Cola (the makers of Minute Maid and Hi-C) let their license expire some time around 1997 and Slimer was taken off the box. This was a good 6 years after the Ghostbusters cartoon had ended I might add. But Ecto Cooler proved so popular, it was still made sans Slimer until 2001 when the name was changed to Orange Tangergreen. Shortly after this, the green coloring was dropped. Then, in 2006, the name was changed again to Crazy Citrus Cooler. Finally, in 2007, this drink too was discontinued and Ecto Cooler vanished altogether.

Now we fast-forward to the year 2009. It's the 25th anniversary of the original Ghostbusters film. Atari is releasing a much anticipated Ghostbusters video game written by and starring the original writers and cast. There are rumors flying of a Ghostbusters 3 film coming in 2012. What better time to revive Ecto Cooler for a new generation of Ghostbusters fans?

So I have started a grassroots campaign to get my beloved childhood beverage back on the shelves. If you're a fan of Ghostbusters and remember Ecto Cooler or if you're just someone who would like to help this old geek bring back a childhood memory, please click the link below and contact Minute Maid (the branch of Coca Cola, inc. that makes Hi-C) and ask them to bring back Ecto Cooler.

Then Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Fark, e-mail (links for many of these are conveniently supplied in that little button at the bottom of this post) and whatever else you have a link to this page to anyone who might be interested. Spread the word!

Contact Minute Maid here and demand your Ecto Cooler!

Update (05/14/09): While preparing to start a petition to bring back Ecto Cooler, I came across this petition already started. So sign that too while you're at it. Once it gets 10,000 signatures, it'll be sent to Minute Maid.