Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top 5 DC Comics Villains

#5 - Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor is probably the most powerful being in the DC universe without any real powers or intergalactic super-weapons (Green Lanterns, I'm looking at you.) From mad scientist, to near supervillain to evil businessman to President of the United States, Lex Luthor has had many masks. But the one he shows to the world is rarely his real face. In his eyes, he's not the bad guy. He is trying to protect the human race from aliens and superbeings and to try to get us to realize our own potential. That righteous take on the world is exactly what makes Luthor such a dangerous adversary. Well...that and the fact that he's probably 10 steps ahead of anything you'd be thinking anyway.
#4 - The Joker
In his current incarnation, The Joker is not the Caesar Romero spoof of the Adam West years but rather a psychopath with no cause in life but to entertain his own demented mind...usually at the painful expense of others. Despite, is lack of physical prowess, he's killed a Robin and ended the batarang throwing career of a Batgirl. As some have found out, The Joker is as apt to turn on his own team as his is to attack his enemies and it's that sheer sense of danger and unpredictability that earns him a spot on my top 5 list.

#3 - Darkseid
Darkseid. Even Superman has a second thought before stepping foot on Darkseid's planet of Apokolips. He's a bloody god for crying out loud! The guy rules his own planet. A planet that makes most of its citizens work in flaming pits until the day they die. What more could you want in a villain?

#2 - Black Adam
Black Adam may not be a god but his powers are given to him by 7 Egyptian gods so he's damn near close. He merely runs one country and not an entire planet like Darkseid. But what makes him #2 on this list is that he has the same righteous mentality as Lex Luthor. Not really a villain nor quite a hero, Black Adam views himself as above mankind and believes that the wisdom given to him by the gods makes him immune to their rules. But to his credit, Black Adam stays to his own country of most of the time and merely wishes to be left alone. However, if something intrudes upon his iron-handed and often bloody rule, Black Adam is...retaliatory. He has ripped his enemies in half with is bare hands. He has stood toe-to-toe with some of the most powerful heroes (and villains) of the DC universe. He has a strong moral code (even if it's not the normal superheroes code) and will fight to the death to uphold it.
#1 - Sinestro
Sinestro. Once a Green Lantern. Now leader of the Sinestro Corps and one of the most feared beings in the DC universe. Sinestro, like Luthor and Black Adam, does not view himself as the villain. During his reign as Green Lantern of Sector 1417, Sinestro was devoted to keeping order in his sector and was considered the greatest Green Lantern of all time. However, his devotion to order in his sector grew and twisted over time until he declared himself Dictator of his homeworld of Korugar. This led to his banishment from the GL Corps. Over the years, Sinestro was the prime enemy of the Green Lanterns. Recently, Sinestro has recruited a corps of his own out of the most feared beings from across the universe. The aptly named Sinestro Corps now spreads fear and death wherever they go.


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