Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Star Trek Catch-Up Post

Alright! I've been lapse on all the hoopla surrounding the new Star Trek movie coming out May 8th. As a huge Trekker, I've no excuse other than the fact that I've been dwelling a bit in the Twitterverse.

Anyway, here's the quick catch-up.

We've all heard by now of the bait-and-switch premiere in Texas, so I'll skip that one since I'm still bitter that they didn't hold it in my hometown. (Read this to catch up on it from AICN.)

Here's the first of 3 new clips released online showing Kirk vs. Spock in a verbal faceoff with Scotty just trying to stay out of the middle of it:

A second featuring Uhura, Kirk and Kirk's ego:

The last one (because Yahoo! doesn't allow embedding) featuring a brilliant rendition of McCoy can be found HERE.

And lastly, the latest 3 official images released by Paramount:

Until next, time...Live long and prosper!


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