Saturday, December 12, 2009

Comic Reviews - Lois Turns Traitor!?

Action Comics #884
Nightwing/Chris has recently experience advanced aging and is near death. Now an old man, he is handed over to S.T.A.R. Labs for treatment. Too bad his only hope is Jax-Ur, one of Zod's sleepers! Meanwhile Lois has written an expose on how the U.S. government and her father framed Nightwing and Flamebird for the murder of Mon-El. She gets shocking news when she's called into Perry's office and is informed that, not only can he not run the story, Lois is being charged with treason! Lois makes a valiant escape attempt from the government agents that come to bring her in but a taser proves her undoing. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Jax-Ur is trying to get a DNA sample from Christopher by burning him with red-sun lasers. After watching this for several hours, Flamebird loses control and flames out knocking the glasses off of the good doctor and revealing the enemy for who he is. Flamebird begs Jax-Ur to save Chris and he agrees... in exchange for a blood sample from her! Lois isn't faring much better as she faces off against her father and he, in no uncertain terms, tells her to drop her investigations and that, if she weren't his daughter, she'd be buried already. He leaves by tossing down the gauntlet with the ominous comment that his planet comes before his daughter. And we all know how Lois normally reacts to being told to drop any story. She returns to the Planet and resigns so that she can take her story elsewhere. After the main book, the backup tale of Captain Atom continues with Mon-El bringing Captain Atom to the JLA headquarters where he thinks he'll be safe. We get a good look at the current lineup of the JLA but it's a look that Captain Atom really doesn't want as they accuse him of being a threat and in need of justice! Good read all around!
Score: out 3.5 of 5


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