Saturday, November 13, 2010

Green Lantern Movie Teaser (video)

The first footage from the upcoming Green Lantern movie staring Ryan Reynolds is finally online courtesy of a teaser commercial from Entertainment Tonight!

You don't get to see Sinestro (which is what I was keeping a keen eye out for) but you do get a brief glimpse at the poozer-maker himself... Kilowog!

Check it out in all its glory below!

What are your thoughts? Me? I'm pretty darn impressed!

Update: I said Sinestro's not in this teaser but I think that may be a quick glipse around the 7 second mark. I guess I'll have to wait for a higher res version to be sure.


  1. I dunno, it seems like a lot of mid-level fx to me. Im gonna need to a lot more to be impressed still :(

  2. Yeah. It's not Iron Man but I love GL so I'm wearing fanboy-colored glasses... and in this case the color's green! :)