Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mirror, Mirror

Below is a short piece of my fiction writing inspired by a recent writing challenge over at GeekGirlDiva's blog. I just liked it so I thought I'd share. Feel free to respond with your feedback and thoughts.


I looked into the mirror. My face stared back at me. Unblinking. My resolve began to falter. Could I really do this? I looked around at the candles; still flickering in the breeze from the open window even though there wasn't much left of them. The night had grown long and I was exhausted from my preparations. I glanced downward and praised whatever gods were with me tonight that the arcane symbols that I'd so meticulously drawn on the floor weren't smudged by my sweat and constant shifting.

"Hello, sparky!"

My head shot up with a bolt at the voice. The sound had come from directly in front of me. I stared at my reflection in the mirror, looking for any signs that the magics had worked, and only saw my ragged self staring back.

"I said hello. Are you mute or just rude?"

It had worked! It was my reflection that was speaking! I started to answer but was too fearful and shaken to do more than spit a few nonsense sounds.

"That's how it is, eh? I get pulled from my sleep at this hour of the night to hold a conversation with a dumb mute?"

I licked my lips and spoke...

"No... I... I am Simon Wilcox. I have summoned you here to help me."

My own face sneered back at me from the mirror.

"Help you? I guess that's the plan so long as your protection holds. But if it doesn't... Heh heh... You'd better hope I like whatever it is you're asking of me."

I returned the vile smile back at myself.

"I'm not saying you have to like it but I have the feeling that you will."

"Get on with it then! I haven't got all night! I have a plump little one waiting back on the spit that requires tending to."

I started to speak "I want...", but my voice cracked. I began again, "I want release. I want to trade places with you."

My reflection stared back and his hideous crack of a smile grew enormous on the reflection of my haggard face.

"Indeed? Release you say? In that case, I shall like it immensely. But you realize what you ask of me? You will be doomed to live in my realm for eternity and I'll be free to do as I please in yours."

I began, "Yes. I can’t..."

"I don't care what you can or cannot do. The question is whether this is truly what you ask of me?"

I shocked myself by not hesitating and I heard myself say "Yes."

As the word came from my mouth, the room began to spin and the walls seemed to bend. The breeze from the window rushed in and snuffed the candles and all was beyond my comprehension.

It could've been minutes or hours but when the room righted itself and I could see clearly again, I looked out from within the mirror and saw that the circle of protection was scratched beyond any recognition and a trail of charred footprints leading out of the room.

I could still hear the faint whisper of my own voice snickering back at me and I wondered if what I had done was right. But I didn't care. It was over. I was going to be at peace and to Hell with the world.

I laughed at my own bad joke and turned to explore my new home.


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