Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pull List Reviews - August 12

Last week was rather dead (and not in that good Blackest Night kinda way either) on the DC Comics front, with nothing on my pull list coming out, but that was just apparently the calm before the storm. DC comes in with a volley of punches this week with (count 'em) 3 Blackest Night issues! And what issues they are! On top of the Blackest Night goodness, DC also hits with Batman, Action Comics and Superman: Secret Files 2009. So... with Blackest Night in full effect and bad puns to speed... dig in!

Blackest Night #2
I'll hand it to DC for Blackest Night. This series really isn't pulling punches! In the 2nd issue of the main title, we get hints at the fallout of the Dibny's attack on the Hawks, an all out battle at Aquaman's grave, a quick flash of Deadman at his own grave (see Blackest Night: Batman #1 for the rest of that tale), a cool interlude with Hawk and Dove, the continuing battle between Hal Jordan, Barry Allen and the undead Martian Manhunter. But the worst... What happens to the magic users when they gather to try and sort out this coming doom will blow your mind! I don't know if the DCU can survive 6 more months of Blackest Night!
Score: 5 out of 5

Blackest Night: Batman #1
I wasn't sure what to expect with this spin-off of Blackest Night since Bruce Wayne is apparently dead. What we get is a tale of our favorite Deadman and his attempt to warn Batman of the coming crisis. What he finds is not the Batman he expected. Then things go from bad to worse and Batman calls in some help. Keepin' it spoiler free... Dick, Damien and Tim are about to have a rough time in Gotham!
Score: 4.5 out of 5

Green Lantern Corps #39
And I thought the folks on earth were having it bad with the Black Lanterns! The Green Lanterns encounter a force unlike any they've ever faced as the black rings plow into Oa... literally! I mean any reader of the series has known that the fallen Green Lanterns would be coming back eventually but this issue blew my expectations out of the water! I wonder if there will even be a Corps after Blackest Night is over.
Score: 5 out of 5

Batman #689
After 3 issues of undead onslaught, it was nice to step back and just watch Dick and Damien continue their struggle to be the new dynamic duo of Gotham. The crime lords of Gotham are escalating their tactics, especially considering that at least one of them already knows that there's a new man beneath the cowl. Two-Face, Penguin and Black Skull draw lines in the sand and the issue ends with a cliffhanger that may have just thrown Gotham's new protectors a bit more than they can chew.
Score: 4 out of 5

Action Comics #880
Codename: Patriot storyline continues this issue with Superman and Supergirl chasing an escapee from New Krypton. We get a glimpse into the plans of General Lane and just how they play into this seemingly unrelated event. Meanwhile, Nightwing and Flamebird are coming to grips with their newfound popularity when they run across another part of Gen. Lane's plot. I can't wait to see where this storyline goes! Then, in a backup tale, we continue the weird Captain Atom story that began last issue. I still have no clue what's going on but at least it's beautiful to look at.
Score: 3.5 out of 5

Superman Secret Files 2009
Want to jump into the Codename: Patriot crossover but have no idea what's going. I mean Superman's on a new planet. And who are Mon-El, Flamebird and Nightwing? Well look no further! DC has provided you just what you need with this one-shot issue. It has dossiers with all the info you'll need on the characters, places and events of the past year. We also get a few brief glimpses into the characters of Ursa, Mon-El, Supergirl and President Pete Ross, some of which will definitely come into play during this Superman crossover.
Score: 3.5 out of 5


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