Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To Those Dissing the New Trek Film


As with any movie based on a beloved franchise, the internet is awash with discussion about J.J. Abram's new Star Trek film.

A lot of it centers around those that are bitching that Trek shouldn't be rebooted or that William Shatner isn't in the film or that Simon Pegg is Scotty.

Here's my thoughts of the moment...

1. This isn't a prequel or a reboot. The basic plot is that a Romulan travels back in time to kill Kirk. Spock travels back and warns his younger self so that the assassination can be stopped. It's in continuity...not a reboot! It is, however, a way to get a fresh crew of the Enterprise out there without pissing off people with simply starting over. I think it's brilliant.

2. Being that it isn't a reboot or prequel, there's no reasonable explanation as to why Shatner would be in the new film. Kirk died in Generations a few films back. Of course, there is the rumor that Kirk was asked to play the new Kirk's father but, as much of a geek tribute that would be, it's not happening. Shatner says so in his interview in the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine.

3. Simon Pegg is a comedic actor and that's lent a lot of people to bitch about his being cast as Scotty. Two things...(1) Scotty is often used as comic relief and (2) Simon Pegg is enough of a fan of Trek that I would like to think he would do his best to honor James Doohan's original portrayal.

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Live long and prosper!


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